Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What am I worth?

Being in a position of having a nasty disease that has a reputation of taking out a lot of its targets has made me look at what I really value.  What about the future?  What would I be worth in my will?  As I ponder this, I am sure it really isn’t the money, position, or things that matter the most, but people and relationships.  
As I look at my sweet Christina I think what a rare and Godly treasure she is, always supportive of me, always wanting what is good for me.  Each of my children, along with their spouses, is my pride and joy.  My role as their father is an enviable position to any man.  I love it when someone exclaims, “You’re her/his father?!”  When our beautiful, smart, well-adaptedsocially outgoing grandchildren call me their “Pop” it makes my buttons pop!  What more could I want?
But there is more.  My sibs are all respected leaders in their individual circles.  My in-laws (I don’t like that term, but you know who I’m talking about) are highly respected people.  I am related to clergy and church workers, doctors, lawyers, military officers,engineers, financial experts, architects, communications experts, real estate brokers, sales managers, professional counselors, teachers and professors, business owners, incredible parents, dancers, singers, artists, athletes,  drama and film producerswriters…phew, I have to take a breath! To say it simply, I’m rich!!
I have another circle, too.  It consists of my congregation at PBC, past congregations of UBCA, AHPCCC, CLAG, GIC, SFGT, and AFAG.  Besides these, there are my friends and people I work with. Each of these groups has a special place in my heart.  This circle of my friends and spiritual family, with vocations and avocations more varied than you could imagine, make me very rich!
Besides all of this, I am a child of the King.  My sins are forgiven and expunged.  I wear His cloak of righteousness.  I have a grand, fine home waiting for me in heaven.  I have His Spirit in me and beside me, giving me guidance, courage and strength for anychallenge life can throw at me.  Cancer-shmancer!  I ain’t a-skeert!  The scans are completed and the results are pending, but I have no fear of the future!
Put it all together and I’d say I’m filthy rich!


  1. Love to you and Christina! Standing in the waiting with you.

  2. Gil, may you gain a further understanding of His peace, grace and love in this challenging time. I pray that God returns to you all that you have imparted to all of us over the years. We are your spiritual offspring, your testimony and your heritage. You are loved.

  3. Love you SO much! And yes, you are filthy rich. The fact that you ain't a-skeert is beyond anything money could buy. Fred and I pray for you often, and love you always.