Thursday, January 5, 2017


Waiting. We all do it, though most of us don’t enjoy it.  We wait in store lines. We wait in restaurants with the buzzer thingies.  We wait for special days like birthdays.  We wait for special people.  Waiting usually depends on everything reaching the moment when the obstacles to our goal are out of the way so that the desired event can happen.  Summer has to arrive for school to end, the people ahead of us have to finish whatever it is they do to hinder us, sickness must run its course for us to feel better, etc, etc. 

I am waiting.  I am not waiting to start treating the cancer in my body.  I am still in the line waiting to see what the treatment should be.  I have to wait for the prostate to heal from the biopsy trauma so that a crucial MRI can be done.  I would like to get on with it, already!  I don’t have time for this, but it is out of my control.  So, I wait.

I wait, but not huddled in a corner tormented by worry or fear.  I am in Florida as I write this, not because I am running away from the wait, but to try to make the most of it and the best of it, like riding my bike with the woman I love.  I know God is faithful and provides.  By God’s grace and with His help I will wait for January 30 and the MRI and beyond.  I am waiting.

I am grateful and appreciate the love and support of my family, my congregation at the Putnam Baptist Church, and all the people who are praying for us and waiting with us.  Thank you all.



  1. Nice place to recuperate and wait!

  2. I saw the pictures, and I'm so glad you are waiting in such a lovely place. Love you so much, dear big brother.