Saturday, February 4, 2017


By the beginning of February many people are getting tired of winter, even though the heating season is only slightly past midpoint.  Groundhog’s day is a silly tradition of hoping winter will be ending soon. 
For me the beginning of February this year marked a special time.  I looked forward to the third because I knew that was the day I would hear the results of the tests, scans, and biopsies that would determine the treatment plan for dealing with this prostrate cancer.  I was presented with two options for treatment and told again that doing nothing was not a third option.  Though the cancer was again referred to as ‘very aggressive,’ I was told it had not escaped the boundary of the prostate; that is very good!
The first plan was robotic surgery, possibly followed by radiation and hormone therapy.  The goal would be to get the PSA number to zero.  If removal of the entire prostate didn’t do the trick, they would have to go after any stray cancer with radiation and hormone therapy. 
The second plan was doing only radiation and hormone therapy, but over a longer period of time.  It would include getting hormones for a couple of months, six weeks of radiation and then continuing to get hormones for several months after radiation.  Again, the goal would be zer-i-oh.

There is a lot to consider.  I believe I will have the answer  by Monday and we will set our sights on dealing with this.  I trust that God will make it clear, and I know He'll see us through.  I’m surrounded by a lot of prayer and love, and I have talked to good doctors and men who have gone through similar things. (Sorry ladies; it's a guy thing!)  I will let you know what is going to happen.


  1. Thank you for the update! So very grateful for the news that it has not gone beyond the prostate!!! Trusting with you as you make the decision and move forward. Much love to you and Christina.