Monday, January 23, 2017

The Appointment

We came up last night to spend the night with Lou (Christina's brother) and watch the Patriots beat the Steelers (sorry, Calvin) on the eve of a momentous day. Today is the day of the MRI! I have waited for this test for nearly two months. We will drive into Boston this afternoon. Again, I'm so glad the Lord orders my steps. Psalm 139:16, "In Your book were all written the days appointed for me." So, this is an appointment on an appointed day!
Last week I had a CT scan which, together with the MRI, should be a fairly good summation of what is going on with the cancer, which in turn should give directives for needed treatment. Just knowing it's there and feeling the occasional twinge makes me eager to be done with this. While I know this isn't the end, not even the beginning of the end, I'm hoping that I'm close to the end of the beginning. I am so appreciative of the prayer, emails, phone calls, hugs, cards, etc. I am especially aware of and dependent on God.

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  1. Thinking of you today, Uncle Gil! Cheering you on as you do the MRI and sending love from across the miles.