Saturday, March 18, 2017


8"-12"! 12"-18"! Maybe more than 24"! We heard some pretty dire snow predictions which, for the most part, didn't pan out, but still made disruptions in our week. Actually, it didn't disrupt me. I had no place to go anyway. We got about 10" (they tell me), but it sure is better than Lee's 24", or the place not far from him that got 42"!!

I appreciate everyone who checked on us before, during, and after Stella left for other climes. But I have an idea; let's do spring!

I am just over three weeks out of surgery and I think I am doing quite well. Of course, when one is in a position like this, it is never fast enough. I wish progress could be quicker, but I am slowly getting back.   The pain in my abdomen is almost completely gone, but I still have quite a bit of perineal pain. I guess that is not uncommon, and it varies from person to person. I wish it had skipped me! :-) I got an inflatable donut to sit on; hope it helps.

Tomorrow will be four weeks since I last preached on a Sunday morning at church, but I plan to do it! While I was out, I was blessed to have a retired pastor, Rev. Donald Nelson available to fill my pulpit for two weeks, and have my son, Maj. Timothy Bourquin preach last week.  I know I will be somewhat limited, but I  plan to at least be there tomorrow. It will be great to see everyone too.
One of the really great blessings in our lives in the last few days was that our daughter in law, Tim's wife Elizabeth, went on a short term mission to Africa and returned home safely. We are sooo thankful.

I really appreciate all the calls, cards, gifts, and well wishes from everyone. People have cooked, brought coffee, plowed snow, and offered to do anything they could for us.  Though my brother couldn't be too much further away (Seattle), he has been so supportive.  Each of my kids have been wonderful and called and made contact regularly. Thank you for commenting on this blog and even reading it in the first place. But especially, thank you for prayer. Please don't stop praying for me.

"Let's Do Spring"


"Special Guest"


  1. I'm in on the Let's do Spring party!
    And that picture of you and Lisa melts me.
    Love to you both.

  2. Happy first day of spring! 💐☀️😊

  3. I've been thinking about you - would love to hear how you're doing when you get a chance to update :) Love you!