Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Speed Bump

One of the main reasons for the existence of this blog is to keep people updated about my progress in my fight against prostate cancer. I think I am on track and in a normal place for this point in my recovery. I want to always be straightforward and honest in what I share, but some of the things I share are not things I enjoy sharing. Today is one of those times.

I had charley horse-like pain in my right calf so I let the surgeon's office know about it. I thought it was just a small detail that they might want to know about. Whenever they heard about it, they were very insistent that I get to a hospital and have an ultrasound, posthaste! The ultrasound revealed that, indeed, I have a blood clot in my leg. It is something that I will receive treatment for for about six months. The medicine is fairly new and therefore not covered by our insurance. Oh well.

I'm glad to be alive! I'm glad for all my family and friends who love me and are praying for me.  I'm glad for the songs and verses that move around in my heart and spirit, glorifying the Lord. Those "Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" are more than catchy tunes. They minister to my spirit and soul and lift me with their high praises. All glory to God who makes me always triumph through our Lord Jesus Christ!
The other day one of our daughters told me she heard the peepers! Any New Englander will tell you that hearing them is a sure sign that spring can't be too far away. This weekend is going to be cold. We won't hear them. But that doesn't mean that spring won't come. In the same way, having a reversal in life (like a blood clot) doesn't mean that God's will won't be accomplished. It's a speed bump, that's all.

I'll Be Back!


  1. Sorry to hear about the blood clot. Thanks for sharing the update. I'm so very glad you got it checked out quickly. Trusting for the medicine to work. Hugs and love.